HERBAL  FORMULASThese highly effective herbal formulas for common ailments are clearly described below, allowing lay people to purchase easily for themselves. All of these formulas have been clinically tested for 20 years and are shown to be highly effective when used as directed for the indicated conditions. They are available in capsules, powders, or tinctures.All our products contain no Wheat, com, sugar, preservatives, artificial colors or flavors. GO TO "PRODUCTS" PAGE FOR PRICES AND ORDERING INFORMATION.Hot Lung FormulaThis formula is for conditions of the lung where there is evidence of "heat" in the lung; such as cough with yellow, green, tan or brown expectoration. Contraindicated in coughs with clear or white expectoration (use Cold Cough Formula) and dry coughs with no expectoration (use Dry Cough Formula). Cold Lung FormulaThis formula is used for coughs of all types with the expectoration of clear or white mucus. Contraindicated in coughs with colored mucus (use Hot Lung Formula) or coughs without any expectoration (use Dry Lung Formula).Dry Lung FormulaThis formula restores moisture to dry lungs therefore rectifying the tendency to dry coughs which often persist after the resolution of various respiratory illnesses; also, dry coughs in the elderly or those with allergies. Contraindicated in coughs with expectoration (use either Hot Cough Formula or Cold Cough Formula as indicated).Hot Sinus FormulaThis formula is used to clear heat and congestion in the sinuses, and to restore the sinuses to healthy, open function. Use when yellow or green mucus is present; there may be sinus headache and sinus pain as well as nasal obstruction. Also useful for chronic or seasonal allergic conditions and allergic rhintis.Clear the Throat FormulaThis formula restores the health of the inflamed throat (soreness, burning, rawness, pus, hoarseness, laryngitis, etc.)Lighten the Menses FormulaThis formula reduces or arrests excessive and/or long-term menstrual bleeding, and restores the normal function of the uterus with respect to the menses. It is useful for metrorrhagia, bleeding between menstrual periods, excessively heavy periods, abnormally heavy bleeding during menopause or in adolescence.Easy Menses FormulaThis formula is used to reduce menstrual cramps and the associated pain. Contraindicated in pregnancy.Jade Screen FormulaThis formula is used for those who seem to have low resistance to acute illness (such as the common cold, influenza, viral infection, etc.). It helps to strengthen the defenses against these external influences while at the same time warding off susceptibility to various common acute illnesses. In the terms of Traditional Chinese Medicine we use this formula to "strengthen the vital energy and to consolidate the exterior defensive system of the body". Caution: In rare cases this formula may aggravate insomnia or headaches; if these conditions occur or become worse when taking this formula discontinue use.Open Vessels FormulaThis formula is used to clear the cardiovascular system of excess fat and deposits which reduce and obstruct blood flow and healthy cardiovascular function, and to re-establish the healthy, elastic, open condition of the vessels. Contraindicated in pregnancy or bleeding disorders.Poison Oak Herbal Formula and Homeopathic Prevention ProgramA combined approach to the prevention and treatment of poison oak and poison ivy. Poison Oak is an allergic reaction to the oils of the rhus-toxicodendron plant. This reaction can be prevented or significantly reduced in severity by the use of homeopathic treatment before exposure. Active cases can be treated effectively with our "Poison Oak Formula" and "Oz Oak" Homeopathic to reduce the severity of symptoms and shorten the length of the reaction.Sleep Formula This formula has a sedative and tranquilizing effect. In terms of Traditional Chinese Medicine the herbs which make up this formula nourish the heart (the "home" of the Spirit), and settle and calm the Spirit. It is used to encourage sleep as well as to restore calm to the nervous system and the mind. Several of the herbs also reduce spontaneous and night sweats.Tonify The Four EssencesThis formula is a combination of Chinese Herbs which strengthen and tonify the four key essences necessary for life and health as understood in Traditional Chinese Medicine.  It strengthens Yang (the sun and fire element) , Yin (the moon and cooling element), Qi (the energy, vital force or life force), and Blood (a very dense form of Qi that nourishes the mind and body on a material level).  This formula can be taken to  strengthen and maintain healthy levels of these key essences or to build them up once they have become depleted due to age, illness or stress.
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