CHOOSE  A  SPECIFIC  TREATMENT  (CLICK ON "PRODUCTS" PAGE ABOVE FOR PRICES AND ORDERING )ATHLETE'S FOOT: A combination of homeopathic remedies that treat existing athlete's foot and/or foot fungus and prevent future outbreaks.  One order will treat these conditions for several years.  $45.00. PURCHASE PRODUCTSINUS INFECTIONS (HOMEOPATHIC TREATMENT):
This is a combination of 2 homeopathics that will treat acute and chronic sinus infections. Symptoms may include sinus headache, yellow or green nasal discharge, nasal obstruction, facial pain.
$45.00 PURCHASE PRODUCT"AGE":A combination of three Homeopathicremedies that help the immune system to ward offacute illnesses when they are in the early stages. Onebottle will last a family for at least one year.$35.00  PURCHASE PRODUCT  
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MOTION SICKNESS:   A combination of homeopathic remedies that treat motion sickness --- car sickness, sea sickness, nausea in airplanes and on trains.$35.00 (200 doses)  PURCHASE PRODUCT
BONE BUILDER / HOMEOPATHIC:  A combination of  homeopathic remedies that stimulate the vital force to build bone.   Useful in broken bones and osteoporosis.$35.00 ((200 doses)    PURCHASE PRODUCT
GOUT:  A combination treatment that treats and prevents gout.  This treatment requires a combination of a homeopathic remedy that specifically addresses your particular gout symptoms (recommended after a brief email or phone interview)  + an herbal antioxidant combination that is an excellent treatment/prevention for gout.$85.00   (2 - 3 months supply)    PURCHASE PRODUCT
CHILDREN'S COLIC / HOMEOPATHIC:  A combination of homeopathic remediesthat treat colic (digestive system pain) in infants and children.   Completely non-toxic and safe for any age.$35.00 (200 doses)   $35.00         PURCHASE PRODUCT
ABDOMINAL CRAMPS / HOMEOPATHIC:  A combination of homeopathic remedies that treat abdominal pain  and cramping due to various reasons.$35.00  (200 doses)    $35.00     PURCHASE PRODUCT
GIARDIA:  An combination of Chinese Herbs that treat Giardia (infection of the intestinal system with the Giardia organism).  Symptoms of chronic, possibly intermittent, diarrhea with nausea, cramps, weakness, abdominal distention and greasy stools.$25.00 (100 capsules) (1 week supply) or  $37.00 (100 grams of powder) (2 week supply)PURCHASE PRODUCT