FORMULAS AVAILABLE IN TINCTURE FORMTinctures arealcohol extractsof individual herbs and herbal formulas.  The medicinal agents present in the plants are extracted by the alcohol and transferred into the alcohol as a carrier.  The advantage of tinctures is their relativeease in administration.  Rather than taking pills or powders or drinking teas  one merely takes the required dosage of herbal drops in any liquid 1 to 3 times per day. For children and for those who are tired of taking pills, tinctures are a welcome alternative.  If one wishes to remove the alcohol, putting the drops in very hot water before taking them will evaporate the alcohol from the tincture. CLICK ON "PRODUCTS" PAGE ABOVE TO ORDER.(Individually prescribed herbal formulas can be made into tinctures but will take one month to prepare).THE FOLLOWING FORMULAS ARE AVAILABLE IN TINCTURE FORM:STRENGTHEN IMMUNE:  a combination of herbs that builds and strengthens the immune system.  Useful for those who wish tostrengthen their immune system to prevent illnessin the winter months, for those who have suffered severe illness or western medical intervention and feel their immune system has suffered,  for those who are frequently ill.KILLER JUICE: a combination of herbs that are bothanti-viralandanti-bacterial.  For use when one feels an illness coming on or during acute illness of any kind.BONE BUILDER:  a combination of herbs that help to build strong bones.  Useful for those who are healing broken bones or for women in all stages ofosteoporosisHOT SINUS:  a formula that is very effective for  acute or chronicsinus infectionsymptoms (sinus headache, yellow or green nasal discharge, facial sinus pain, nasal obstruction) andallergic rhinitis(nasal allergies).HOT LUNG:  a formula forlung conditions with yellow, brown or green expectoration. Contraindicated in coughs with clear expectoration or dry coughs with no expectoration.
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