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                                 WENDY  ROBIN  WEIR,   M.A.                              5092  Ruby  Mine  Rd.                          Las Cruces, New Mexico 88011                                                                              email:  wendyweir8@gmail.comI have decided to present my resume in a semi-autobiographical form since the process of my education and experience in the natural healing arts has been circuitous and at times unconventional.   Over the past  35  years I have studied and practised a number of forms of natural or alternative medicine.I began with a biochem-nutrition-premed course of study at the undergraduate level while at the same time beginning to study and apply American herbal therapies as well as various nutritional approaches with friends and family.  I studied with a well known Iridologist and Naturopathic doctor, Bernard Jensen, who used primarily nutritional therapies to cure his patients of many ailments, some quite serious in nature.  Ultimately I completed a  masters degree in  Holistic Health (1978) through what was then Lone Mountain College in San Francisco (it has since become San Francisco University)  .  At this time I began a private practice offering bodywork, nutritional counselling, herbal therapy and Iridology.Clinical experience and further study led me to an interest in clinical ecology (the study of illness caused by foods and environmental offenders), which I learned through a work / internship program (1980) at Zion International Hospital in Illonois under the direction of Dr. Theron Randolph, the father of clinical ecology in this country.  At the same time I worked in the dietetics department at the hospital designing special diets for cancer patients and instructing them in nutritional therapy, as well as providing inservice trainings twice a week to the dietetics staff of the hospital.  This cancer treatment program was a very unusual one in that it used cleansing diets, laetril, megavitamins, DMSO, and hyperthermia  in conjunction with optimal chemo-therapy.In 1980 I embarked on the study of Homeopathic Medicine.    After several years of working with nutritional approaches to health issues I began to realise the limits of nutrition in the healing arts.  I went to homeopathic workshops over a period of a year and then discovered Dr. Francisco Eiziyaga, a well known Argentine homeopath and began a several year course of study with him that provided over 600 hours of instruction through the Pacific Academy of Homeopathic Medicine.  Since that time I have practised Homeopathy, solely, and, at times, in combination with other natural healing approaches in my private practice.  During this time I made a presentation for two years at the California State Homeopathic Medical Society’s Annual Workshops.For the next eight years I was on staff several times a year for “ “Weirlabs:Experiential Workshops in Self-Differentiation and Lifestyle Management”.  (more information at   I taught nutrition, bodywork and clinical ecology principles as well as prescribing homeopathically for participants when appropriate.   I hosted a weekly radio show called Nutrition And Natural Healing, a series of lectures covering all aspects of holistic health and natural healing aired on local public radio for two years.   I taught several workshops each year in holistic health principles, clinical ecology  /  environmental illness,  iridology , herbal therapies  and  introduction to homeopathy.In the mid-1980’s I decided that the extent of my private practice and  the types of illness that I was treating necessitated that I acquire a license under which to practice.   Acupuncture was becoming a more widely respected profession and was now licensed in California and would give me the status of a licensed primary health care provider, the ability to order laboratory tests, to practice in the hospital setting and to bill health insurance.    After three years of study at The Santa Barbara College of Oriental Medicine I graduated in 1990  and  received my state license in California to practice Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine.My private practice after becoming licensed in Traditional Chinese Medicine has consisted of a combination of Homeopathy, Acupuncture, Herbal therapies (using both Chinese and Western herbs), and nutritional counselling.  I have found this to be a powerful blend of approaches, each with its own strengths and weaknesses.  Acupuncture and herbal therapies excel  in treating physical issues while Homeopathy, useful as well with physical problems, allows for the treatment of mental and emotional imbalance in a way that no other natural healing approach does.  Experience has shown me that these systems complement each other when used in the same practice.  Since moving to New Mexico in 2005 I no longer practice Acupuncture but still maintain a practice using Homeopathy, Herbology, Nutritional Counseling and Clinical Ecology (the study of environmental illness)(food allergies).Member:  National Center for Homeopathy