A private Homeopathic/Herbal Consultation consists of the following:I will consider your case and recommend a homeopathic remedy and/or herbal formulation individualized to your specific needs. If nutritional or Clinical Ecology considerations are required I will do an extensive dietary analysis to determine nutritional/environmental recommendations.Should you need to consult a skilled practitioner in your area I will do my best to recommend one and there will be no charge for the consultation.The initial consultation fee will include a thorough online intake in which I will consider your mental/emotional/physical/and dietary health. There is likely to be an extensive online "conversation" between us in order for me to gain a thorough understanding of who you are emotionally and mentally and what your needs are physically.  If necessary there may be a telephone conversation as well -- I will place the call at no expense to you.Natural and Holistic Medicine works on all levels and therefore a complete investigation is required for me to identify your individual expression of the homeopathic and herbal formulations needed to restore health.The initial fee is based on the type of problem(s) that you are having and is to be discussed between us and agreed upon before the consultation process begins.  The agreed upon fee must be paid before I begin studying your case.CONSULTATION AND FOLLOW-UP FEES WILL RANGE FROM $40.00 TO $100.00 BASED ON THE DIFFICULTY OF THE CASE.      ANY RECOMMENDED HOMEOPATHIC REMEDIES OR HERBAL PREPARATIONS WILL BE BILLED SEPARATELY. TO BEGIN CONSULTATION PROCESS:EMAIL WENDY AT WITH ANY QUESTIONS AND/OR WITH A BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF YOUR COMPLAINTS AND WE WILL BEGIN THE PROCESS OF REACHING A FEE AGREEMENT. 
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