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PRIVATE CONSULTATION:  you may purchase a private homeopathic/herbal consultation with me which will take place via email or telephone (or both) depending on what is required.  I will consider your case and recommend a homeopathic remedy and/or herbal formulation individualized to your specific needs.  If nutritional or Clinical Ecology (food and environmental illness) considerations are required I will do an extensive dietary analysis to determine nutritional/environmental recommendations.  If you need to consult a practitioner in your area I will do my best to recommend one for you and there will be no charge for the consultation. My fee will depend on your condition and needs and will be agreed upon before we begin our intake discussions (fees typically range from $40.00 - $100.00 depending on the difficulty of the case).  I take most insurance programs and credit cards.


The initial intake will consider your mental/emotional/physical and dietary health.  There is likely to be an extensive online/phone "conversation" between us in order for me to gain a thorough understanding of who you are emotionally and mentally and what are your physical needs.  I am available for person-to-person consultations in Las Cruces, New Mexico by appointment.

HERBAL TINCTURES/POWDERED FORMULAS: during my 30+ years of private practice I have developed certain herbal formulas that successfully treat a variety of common problems.   These are available for purchase on this website.    These are clinically proven, extensively tested herbal formulas that have proven to be consistently successful in my Natural Healing practice over the years.  

TREATMENT PACKAGES:  there are some diseases that lend themselves to a standard treatment package of herbal and/ or homeopathic treatment which is easily determined.   You can purchase the specific treatment package you need without purchasing an online consultation package and begin treating yourself for the specific condition you have identified.  Through email, I can assist you in selecting the most useful formula(s) for you.  

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