Welcome to Realm of Natural Healing !!​

The vast and wonderful field of Natural Healing or Natural Medicine has 5000 year old roots in the inquiring minds of the ancients and is still evolving through modern scientific exploration. Theoretical branches and empirical approaches to natural healing have originated in literally every culture and corner of the planet. All of these differing systems of thought and therapeutic approaches have validity within their own world view and are effective when applied with knowledge and skill in the right time and place and with the right person. The human family is privileged to have all of this knowledge passed down for our use in maintaining and regaining health, and it is of vital importance to mankind to retain and share all the information available with each generation.  

I began studying natural medicine in the 1970's and spread my studies wide over varied fields of knowledge. There were aging practitioners alive at that time who had been using natural healing methods over their lifetime to teach a healthy life style as well as to cure diseases with the use of natural methods. They had studied and collected various ancient healing techniques and expanded chosen bodies of knowledge during their work life. Many of them ran health retreat centers where people who were sick came to get well, and through this clinical experience they gathered knowledge about what was and was not effective in curing various diseases. All of these teachers were part of a natural medicine movement in the early 1900's in the United States that cultivated and expanded the field. They wrote books, gave workshops, did research and left a legacy that endures to this day. I went on to study Homeopathic Medicine, eastern and western Herbology, Acupuncture, Clinical Ecology (environmental illness), body work, nutrition and the physiology and biochemistry of food, energy healing, Iridology (iris analysis), yoga, and much more. Each of these areas of knowledge has value both in maintaining and regaining health, knowledge that must be energetically maintained and passed on to stay current and useful.

Over the years I have observed that some knowledge is moving forward and has become popular and available to the public, while equally valuable approaches have been fading from the conversation and our collective library. This blog is dedicated to recording as much knowledge as possible from as many fields or branches of natural healing/medicine as are available all in one place. It will be educational, experiential, a place to share and to learn from the success and failures of others. It will be useful to both lay people seeking a better understanding of natural healing/medicine for their own use, to satisfy their curiosity, to help in making informed choices about what types of natural healing approaches may be useful for them in maintaining or regaining health. It will be useful to practitioners in expanding their own knowledge as well as helping their patients to understand the natural medicine realm that they have entered with their chosen health care provider. Above all, it will be as near as complete a record of all the branches and aspects of natural medicine --- scientific, empirical, mysterious and magical --- that are currently or have ever been available. Each area will begin with the theoretical underpinnings of the particular approach and continue with an increasingly greater understanding of the aspects, practice and usefulness embodied in that system. Some fields will take years to fully explore, while others can be explained in a relatively short time and space.

Beginning with a discussion of some of the theoretical underpinnings and relevant history of natural healing/medicine in an overview, below is a list of most of the subject areas to be explored and discussed over time:

Holistic Health
Spiritual/Mental/Emotional/Physical Health
Theory of Compounding Stresses
Toxicity Theory of Disease
Acid vs Alkaline
Homeopathic Medicine
Traditional Chinese Medicine
Herbology (western and eastern) (tinctures and extracts, powders, teas, linements, etc.)
Ayuvedic Medicine
Color Healing
Light Healing / Malillumination
Sound Therapy
Clinical Ecology / Environmental Medicine
Bodywork (Shiatsu, Massage, Rolfing, Polarity Therapy, Chiropractic, Feldenkrais, Alexander Technique,
        Reichian Bodywork, etc.)
Whole/Organic Foods

Biochemistry of Nutrition
Protein, Minerals, Vitamins, Micronutrients
Milk and Milk Products
Raw Foods / Raw Food Diets / Plant enzymes
Food Groups and their physiological and biochemical functions
Foods to Avoid and Why
Juices as Health Supplements
Energetics of Foods / Vibrational Levels of foods
Minerals and their sources
Vegetarianism / Veganism
Sprouts and Fermented Foods
Body and Gut Biosphere
Cleansing Diets / Fasting
Label Reading
Food Combining and Optimal Digestion
Anti-oxidants and Free Radicals
Heavy Metals
Physiology of Addiction
Eliminative Channels of the Body
Colon health
Exercise (value and types)
Immune System Optimization
Long-lived People
Medical Astrology
Gems & Stone Healing