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Protect yourself against the Corona Virus!

I’m sure that everyone reading this post has heard of the recent COVID-19 or Corona virus epidemic starting in China and rapidly spreading to many countries around the world. While we do not know how many people worldwide will ultimately be infected by this virus there are some things that can be done with herbal and homeopathic medicine to prevent and/or minimize the chances of a serious or deadly infection once it is contracted.

What we know: How does this virus make people sick and why does it kill some people and not others? Experts are just beginning to understand how this virus results in death in 2% of those infected. Corona viruses are common and all of us have probably been infected by one numerous times in our lives. The COVID-19 virus is a new and highly contagious strain that we have not encountered in the past. 80% of cases are mild while approximately 18% are serious but not fatal. The virus enters the lungs and attacks and kills lung cells and the immune system responds by sending immune cells to the lungs to fight off the virus. In some people the immune system response is so strong, an over reaction really, that it is counterproductive. What you get is the initial damage and rush of inflammatory cells with an excessive immune response that ultimately causes more lung tissue damage. There is essentially a war between cells taking place in the lungs which leaves a lot of dead lung tissue cells and immune cells lying around clogging up the lung function to the extent that it prevents the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the lungs and can lead to death. Since this is a virus that is causing the infection antibiotics are not effective.

What to do: what complicates the treatment approach from a natural medicine perspective is the fact that an immune system that is over reactive is a major part of the problem in fatal cases. My initial thought was that people should take immune strengthening herbs to build the immune system to fight off the virus — that makes sense until you understand that an overly robust immune response is a large part of the reason that the disease can become fatal. This is a time to have a strong immune system early on but one that’s not so strong as the infection enters the lungs. One of the basic principles in Chinese herbal medicine is that it’s not a good idea to use immune tonifying herbs during illness or in many chronic cases for those herbs serve to strengthen the noxious agent as well as the immune system.

After thinking about this contradiction for a while I have come up with the following recommendations:

Take a formula called Jade Screen if you think you are in an environment where you may be challenged with the virus. Jade Screen is a formula that contains 3 herbs that in combination serve to fend off illness by treating the very beginnings of the viral attack before it even gets a foothold.

Take a homeopathic formula known as AGE, once a day in a 200c potency. This combination contains Arsenicum, Gelsemium and Euphrasia. Each of these treat

the initial stages of viral infection. Again , here we are trying totreat the attack early on before it gets a foothold in the deeper reaches of the body.

If you do still contract the virus immediately start taking a formula known as Yin Chiao or Yin Chiao San. This formula contains five herbs that are both anti-viral and

antibacterial. Take large dosages — I would double the dosage recommended on most bottles of this formula if you are starting to have symptoms. Yin Chiao San will help to lessen the viral load right away.

As soon as you start to have symptoms take a formula called Qi Guan Yen Wan. This is a wonderful formula for lung infections and taken along with Yin Chiao San will be of great assistance in minimizing the infection in the lung as well as the chances of an overwhelming and serious or deadly situation. Minimizing the viral load in the lungs will help to keep lung tissue damage low and prevent the immune system from over reacting and causing worse damage. All of this will help to shorten the disease process as well.

All of these formulas are available on the web and I have them in stock as well if you want to purchase them through my clinic.


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