Below are testimonials written by current and past clients, in their own words, describing their experience with Natural Healing and my particular practice.


"After being a naturalist for the past 45 years doing Acupuncture for my main healing modality, I discovered Homeopathy and Wendy Weir.  After Wendy treated me with several homeopathic formulas, I regained my vigor and stamina. This was the greatest and healthiest I have felt in my entire life.  I have discovered that Homeopathy is the most magical and amazing healing I have ever experienced and so simple and yet so complex.  So it took a master like Wendy to put my remedies right and get me feeling younger and healthier then I have been in many decades. Wendy you're the best and so supportive.  Wishing you great Health/Happiness."

 Anthony Morrocco, Morrocco Method International

My son was diagnosed with Reactive Airway Disease (a form of asthma) when he was 3 years old.  This meant days of coughing followed by long, even worse nights of coughing.  We would be up all night with him for days in a row.  For a year and a half we treated it with inhalers and necessary steroids via a nebulizer.  With the medicine’s progressive inability to control the symptoms the pediatrician informed us our only option was oral steroids.  We said, “No way” and made an appointment with Wendy. It’s too bad we hadn’t taken this step one and a half years earlier.  Not only did the course of homeopathy cure the Reactive Airway Disease, but his personality blossomed.  Since part of homeopathic treatment is the consideration of the emotions, in treating his asthma, she was also treating any emotional imbalance that accompanied his illness.  Within one month our son went from being a clingy, frightened, needy boy to a more independent, relaxed, curious, social boy, and he has remained that way.  It was like a miracle and one which we will never forget.  With continued homeopathic treatment his Reactive Airway Disease was eliminated and about a year and a half later his pediatrician gave him a ‘clean bill of health’ with no sign of Reactive Airway Disease!  No more terrible days and nights of endless coughing, no more inhalers, no more steroids, no more clingy, sickly boy!  It will always be a miracle to us! Carol and Dennis

I was diagnosed with malignant melanoma back in May of 1995. My doctor removed a mole on my thigh and sent it out and it came back positive for melanoma. He then sent me to a surgeon who removed a large section from my left thigh and some lymph nodes from my groin area which also tested positive for melanoma. I was sent to an oncologist who was very negative about my prognoses. He told me that they do not do chemo or radiation for melanoma. He told me to just go home and have fun and when you can't take the pain anymore just call me and I'll give you something for the pain!


A week later my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer. She had surgery and went to the same oncologist I did. One visit with him and she  said that she wouldn't go back to him because he was so negative about my condition. She found a new oncologist closer to our home who was very positive  and open to trying other things. I was sent down to Saint John's Hospital in Santa Monica, CA where I started an immunotherapy for metastatic melanoma. It was suppose to be a 5 year program but about six months into the program I had a reoccurrence in my lower abdomen. I had another surgery which removed another tumor. I did return to the immunotherapy because the surgeons thought that that tumor was probably there when I had my first surgery but the surgeon didn't go up high enough to see it.    


In August of 1996 I started having some pain in my left arm. The doctors said everything looked fine. I was at the lake with some friends parasailing and hit the shallow water and broke my arm. The X-rays showed a tumor in the bone. I had another surgery  where they tried to remove the tumor from my bone and screwed a metal plate to hold my arm together. They did have me do radiation in hopes to stop the cells from spreading. I did stop going to St. John's because they felt it wasn't working for me anymore. My local doctor said that there was a drug called interferon that they had given melanoma patients but that you are very sick for a year. I decided to try it.


Within six weeks I started getting really bad headaches and couldn't walk and would just lay on the couch. In November of 1996 my wife brought me to the oncologist  and he took one look at me and sent me to a neurologist  who sent me to the hospital for an MRI of my head and it showed that I had a brain tumor on my left side. I had brain surgery the next day. Then they had me do more radiation on my head.    


I started having pain in my left arm again. It was red and hot to the touch and very painful. The doctors told me I had an infection in my arm. So I went back into  surgery where they cleaned up the infection and put  beads filled with drugs inside my arm  to try to kill the infection. They put me on a high dose antibiotic. I had a pump that I wore 24/7 with the high dose antibiotics. They said that if my ears ever started to ring to shut the pump off because I could be having a serious side effect. My ears never started ringing but I started losing my balance.


I called the doctor he said to shut off the pump because I was having a major side effect of the drug but my balance was already lost.  They also told me I would be on antibiotics for the rest of my life or I would lose my arm or the infection could go to my heart and the rest of my body and I would die. My orthopedic doctor even told me that if I went off of the antibiotics he would not see me any more and would not be my doctor. My wife did some research on the drug I was on and it had so many side effects one which was my liver would probably give out after a few years so we knew I couldn't  stay on it forever.


So we started looking  for a more natural way of treatment.    


My wife had come across Wendy's name and someone she knew had heard very good things about her helping others. When my wife called Wendy at first she asked how she had gotten her number because she wasn't taking any new patients.   I had never had acupuncture before so I was a little leery.


The first  day we went to see Wendy we just knew we were in the right place. She was so compassionate and positive. She just felt like family. She was very easy to talk to and listened to what I was saying something I felt a lot of the medical doctors didn't do.    


The first day she gave me acupuncture on my arm and body I was on the table for about 30 minutes. When she came in and took out the needles I couldn't believe my whole arm was back to normal, no pain, no redness and it wasn't hot to the touch! I was so excited I knew this was for me. Wendy worked on my arm with the infection and also started me on homeopathic for my balance which was at about 50% during the daylight but at night time it was at 0%. I remember my kids use to turn off the hallway light to watch me bounce off the walls they thought it was pretty funny watching Dad. My balance gradually got better too. One day I remember going shopping with my wife and I got up on a curb in the parking lot and I walked the whole curb without falling off. I was ecstatic and I did it  over and over because I couldn't believe it. I know walking a curb doesn't sound like a big deal but when you lose your balance it's the little things that stand out. I knew that I was going to get better.    


Wendy also started me on herbs for fighting cancer. I take these herbs which are made up especially for me and my ailments. Wendy got me off of the high dose antibiotics that the doctors said I would have to take forever. Needless to say I haven't seen the orthopedic doctor in over 12 years! We had finally found something that works and has no side effects.    


The only drug I am on is Keppra for seizures  they say they are from the scar tissue from my brain surgery. They seem to come on only when I'm really stressed, but they are mild and I can feel them when they come on so I just go sit down. They usually just last about 15 to 30 minutes    My arm has healed great and gives me no pain and I can now ride my motorcycle and water ski thanks to Wendy. I've been cancer free for 12 years thanks to God, family and Wendy Weir.

Jim Duval